Patented Innovations


Materialstreifenpackung mit einer Vielzahl von Streifenstapeln

DE 102 06 087, EP 1 338 543
Owned by Glatfelter GmbH, Falkenhagen, Germany

It is a patent, about how to store a non-woven in bales of stripes in a way that allows an effektive usage in following converting processes. The main challenge with that patent was, that several other patents were existing before in the same area. Therefore it was required to generate a matrix overview about the claims of other patents, to identify potential gaps, which we could mele use of. Based on that matrix we developed said patented way.



DE 202 09 923.7
Owned by Eurofilters N.V., Overpelt, Belgium

Same challenge as before about many existing patents in this area. We used the same matrix process as described above to ensure our new process, to increase the efficacy of a filter, could be patented without colliding with any other existing patent.