You can identify one of my hobbies by looking at this page. It is about useful applications of computers and information technology.

It may range from writing letters to programming of simple routines in office programms, internet pages or data bases. In addition I am interested in any kind of production technologie, not just related to my profession.

At home I like cooking. It may be following cooking instructions as well as creating own composition, which you most likely won't find published before.

I like sport, but prefer watching it. I love to watch hockey games in a stadium (preferred the Krefeld Pinguine, German champion of 2003).

On Television I prefer soccer, formula 1 and American football. Hockey is not made for TV, because you do not really notice the speed of the game on a screen.

For vacation I love to visit Lake Constance in Germany.



More Information about me may be requested via E-mail.